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What’s the one goal to achieve for a better 2016?

How did you start the year? Maybe you bounded into 2016 full of hopes and dreams. Maybe you stumbled into it full of cynicism and sarcasm.

We want to talk about making little changes. Actually just one small change to lead to greater changes, for a better 2016. Continue reading

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Bonus! A reason to tear your hair out.

Sneaking in at night and then massaging the truth to your parents about what time you really got in, just got a whole bunch more difficult. Continue reading

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Sleep, wake, sleep, wake, sleep, wake

I once spoke to my sister. Continue reading

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Your eyes aren’t getting heavy

It is, undeniably, the single most depressing noise known to humans… It goes like this… Continue reading

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Why your brain is a killer diary app

My brain checked out. I’d had a big lunch, it was sunny in my office, the chair was comfy, the conversation serious and involved, the snores probably deafening. Oh man. Continue reading

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