Brain Fitness Institute

The Brain Fitness Institute

The Brain Fitness Institute was founded to deliver programmes for Kiwis that target brain functions and behaviours key to living well in older age, and which provide protection against brain-based decline such as from dementias.

And although cognitive decline is usually associated with older adults, preventing such decline can, and should, start in earnest with young New Zealanders.

We provide personal and corporate Brain Fitness consulting and programmes, applying contemporary neuroscience to home, school and work. Take a look here.

Here’s how

Refresh your teachers with ‘BraiNZ!’, our programme designed specifically for brains in the classroom. Understand the different types of memory and attention and how best to target them

Then give your class or assembly a treat with the action-packed, interactive session ‘How to eat a Brain’. All children get a personalised Responsible Brain Ownership Certificate.

‘Preventing Dementing’ is our popular programme for brain health in older age, where we cover the fundamentals of brain health, and build a personalised brain fitness plan. We reveal the five must do things to keep sharp, and show you a simple trick for remembering what you’re doing from room to room.

For your business, discover how to help your people with ‘High Performing People’, as a team, or with personal coaching. Re-engineer your workflow or tasks to suit how the brain performs best, learn effective rather than traditional brainstorming, teach your teams how to create contexts that foster creativity. Learn how to manage stress better, or how to avoid distractions and develop more focus.

And, you can learn how to create new habits, and help your clients create new habits. Offer your clients brain-based coaching, or run a networking event based around a brain workshop. They learn about themselves, and they appreciate you for providing it for them.

Ongoing support

Critical to any programme such as this is support for change. Personal programmes come with education, coaching and support for maintaining change. 




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