About you and me

Hi there

Thanks for stopping by. This page will answer a few questions about me, us, and whether this is the place for you. Let’s start with you.

Who reads this anyway?

If you’re like our other readers, you’re interested in understanding yourself and others a little better. You’ll be looking for information not entertainment, and you won’t mind putting in a little effort, because each post is approximately 1,000 words, occasionally more. Hopefully, they’ll also give you something to get your teeth into.

One reader described herself as an intelligent, sophisticated layman which, I thought, was a great description of many others too. Our material is certainly pitched at this level. If that’s a good description of you, too, then we’d love you to join us.

What’s in this site for you?

Our focus is particularly on you, home and family, and each post of Bite sized brains is brain and psychology research in easy to digest mouthfuls. You’ll get good material blended with a bit of humor and applied to real life. Yes, you’ll really get actual take home lessons, stuff to do, things to try out.

I’ve done this to help people learn more about themselves and their families so that you can make each day a bit better than the last.

What do you need to do?

I’d love you to subscribe for free if you like what you read. Tell your friends to subscribe too! Click top right to subscribe.

From time to time I’ll recommend things, but will always let you know if there’s a charge.

A bit about me

For those of you who like to know… I’ve a Masters (Honours) degree in psychology, postgraduate qualification in specialist mental health, certificates in counselling, professional supervision and adult education.

In my time I’ve worked in alcohol and drug rehab, forensic mental health and private counselling. I’ve done specialist assessments, offender assessments for the courts, critical incident debriefing and counselling for the families of homicide victims.

I’ve written university distance learning material, taught for nearly 10 years and keep learning myself. I’ve been fortunate to have worked in state health, private health and not-for-profit, both clinically and in senior management.

I’ve also run seminars, training programmes and developed learning packages.

Now, I consult, speak, blog, and run The Brain Fitness Institute of New Zealand (external link) a summary of which is here (internal link). I read neuroscience and psychology, enjoy marketing, sample the occasional bit of history, a biography or two and still laugh (hard) at The Far Side. Gary Larson is still my favourite cartoonist. Ever.

At home, there are me and my wife, our two girls, two cats and dog.

And if you’re at a cafe with me – I’ll have a flat white.

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8 Responses to About you and me

  1. Dinah Roberts says:

    I finally sign up!

    By the way…you are a brain nerd.

  2. Dinah Roberts says:

    I think so, over by the ‘sign me up’ – top right. I got an email, does that count?

  3. Colin and Ruth Brown says:

    Count us in. Read the porridge article. What you forgot to tell us about was the associated stomach ache from laughing so much. – Cheers

  4. Robin Hughes says:

    I have signed up. I am interested in reading and following your articles. Great content and well written 🙂

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