A little change at Bite Sized Brains

Hi there

We’re going to make a couple of little changes to what we’re doing, thanks to a little feedback we’ve had.

Every three weeks, we’ll continue with the long post we’ve been doing. This is the one that takes you a bit of effort. Usually it’s 1,000 words or so and something you can get your teeth into.

And here’s the extra. In-between times, once each week, we’ll post something on brain stuff from the web. Maybe a re-post, maybe an article we found, maybe a recommended book to read. Something like that.

So here’s the take home bit

Thanks for the feedback. Next one coming soon.


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About brendonbclark

Hi, I’m Brendon, but people usually call me B. I’ve a Masters degree in psychology, postgraduate qualification in mental health, and qualifications in counselling, professional supervision and adult education. I consult, speak and blog. Join me, you can subscribe for free.
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2 Responses to A little change at Bite Sized Brains

  1. Bev Thomson says:

    Excellent idea, B!

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