Hurry, the memory experiment is due to close

Image courtesy of SVILEN MILEV

There isn’t much time

This week’s huge memory test is nearly done, finishing 14 January, UK time.

Researchers have teamed up with the Guardian Newspaper to pitch the huge event.

Go on, you might surprise yourself!

It’s a fun, free test to compare people’s long-term memory, with the benefit that you can see how you stack up against others who have tested before you.

Remember, you can also share your scores on Facebook and Twitter.

How it works

In phase one, you’re asked to manipulate word information a little which focuses your attention on key elements of the words. In phase 2, you’re asked to remember whether you’ve seen words from phase 1 and, if you can, where on the screen.

The catch in phase 2 is that there are also new words, which you really haven’t seen before. Are you able to separate the old from the new, and not be fooled by the memory illusions? This is where their research interest really is. Just because the elements you’ve seen before might appear, do they appear in the same word??

Just because you and your sibling experienced the same event, does it mean you’ll remember it the same? And, you’ll know, we’re perfectly capable of including new information in old memories.

Small test online, interesting implications for situations such as the reliability of eye witness testimony, as we’ve previously mentioned.

The bonus for you

The researchers, Yasemin Yazar, Dr. Zara Bergström and Dr. Jon Simons from the University of Cambridge’s Department of Experimental Psychology, along with Dr. Charles Fernyhough from Durham University, are running the experiment as part of the Guardian’s Memory Week.

At the end, you’ll get a free guide, “Make the most of your memory”. Dr Fernyhough told me that the material will be published online while Dr Simons suggested to me that if you follow him on Twitter, @js_simons, he’ll post links to the two guides as they become available. You’ll also be able to get copies in the Guardian and the Observer.

So here’s the take home bit

Last chance. Have fun. It’s all here.

Impressive words to drop into the morning coffee chat

Long-term memory

Enjoy yourself

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