Test your memory in massive world experiment

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So how good are you?

Dare to find out?

Researchers from the Universities of Cambridge and Durham want to know just how good you are, and have, this week, launched a massive online challenge to find out.

Are you better than your friends?

Yasemin Yazar, Dr. Zara Bergström and Dr. Jon Simons from the University of Cambridge’s Department of Experimental Psychology, along with Dr. Charles Fernyhough from Durham University are running an experiment, online, where you can test your memory, and then see how well you compare with your friends.

Do it from home

They’re looking for thousands of people from all over the world to take part, by visiting their site and having a go from home. There’s no cost except, perhaps, the embarrassment of losing to your wife… and then her posting it on Facebook…

You’ll only need a few minutes, and you’ll be tested on your long-term memory through words presented on the screen. Different aspects of memory are being tested as you go, and are scored at the end. All the data is collected anonymously but, and this is the fun bit, you can find out how you compare with those who have dared to go before.

And for extra fun you can, if you still dare, share your scores on Facebook and Twitter.

The object

They’re trying to find out how we remember events that may be similar, without getting them confused, especially when they have common features. Because of this, the test will have things that may cause you to make errors!

It’s being run as part of the Guardian Newspaper’s Memory Week, which ends on January 14 with a free guide, “Make the most of your memory”, with articles and tips on memory. Dr Fernyhough tells me that the free guide will also be published online and, hopefully, with even more stuff (although he stopped short of mentioning steak knives). And if you want to read the Guardian for yourself, here’s the Guardian article.


If you really, really bomb, it does not mean that you’re mad, stupid, male, or suffering last stage, or even early onset, dementia.

But just in case you’re worried, check with your doctor .

So here’s the take home bit

Go on. Click. You know you can’t resist the dare.

Impressive words to drop into the morning coffee chat

Long-term memory

What do you think?

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