Brains made easy

Hi, I’m Brendon , but people usually call me B.

Like you, I’m interested in lots of things, but I’m really interested in

  • brains
  • psychology
  • performance
  • making this information accessible and applicable

So, here’s what this blog is…

  • A breakdown of brain and psychology research into chewable, useful bits to make things a bit better each day.

For example, how might a school benefit from understanding some recent neuroscience research, or a stay-at-home mum from some simple psychological concepts?

What does someone in HR need to know about the brain, and what if your manager knew a little more about how we think?

Hey presto! A blog.

…and what this blog isn’t…

  • a high level critique of neuroscience and psychological research
  • simple reporting of the latest findings
  • complicated and inaccessible

And we’ll be up with some new stuff a couple times a week.


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About brendonbclark

Hi, I’m Brendon, but people usually call me B. I’ve a Masters degree in psychology, postgraduate qualification in mental health, and qualifications in counselling, professional supervision and adult education. I consult, speak and blog. Join me, you can subscribe for free.
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2 Responses to Brains made easy

  1. Jenny Lynch says:

    You did it!! Go you. I am impressed, it’s good. It’s uplifting, a bit quirky with funky language and it’s all true. I can’t help thinking you just want to laugh your way through life. Well why not, so do I. Congratulations on your birthday too. My forties – a bit stressful, big responsibility, the load seems at it’s heaviest BUT life just keeps getting better. I’m turning 50 in August and I reckon it’s going to be the bomb! My motto – The Fearless Fifties. See if I can live up to it.

    Thanks for sending me your blog Brendon.

    Jenny L

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